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About us


Corporate Vision

ECI is the preferred carbon offset solution provider that helps its customers reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions for a better environment.

Corporate Values

ECI is Committed to Innovation and Excellence

ECI is committed to developing the best solutions possible for the benefit of its customers and the environment.  It achieves this by focusing on innovative solutions based on standards of excellence and risk-mitigation for meeting the expectations of its customers.

ECI is Committed to Research and Development

ECI recognizes the importance of staying ahead of trends in environmental practices and technological applications.  ECI keeps abreast of new developments and also supports specific research initiatives which lead to new solutions which can be commercially developed and applied to help its customers meet their offset compliance goals and requirements.

ECI is Committed to Cooperation and Collaboration with Stakeholders

ECI believes that the environment is too important a matter to develop and apply solutions independently.  ECI is always open to working in alliance or partnership with others in order to serve the greater good.  Reducing emissions is at the forefront of what ECI does and it seeks opportunities to cooperate and collaborate with other individuals and organizations in order to meet our mutual environmental imperative.  Together we can make a difference.