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C02 Offsets


A carbon offset is defined as one tonne of CO2 equivalency being reduced from the atmosphere over a full one-year period.  Carbon offsets are regulated by government and there are specific requirements in order to originate or create an offset.  This is accomplished by the use of ‘protocols’ which provide the guidelines on what are eligible sources for generating offsets and how they are to be validated for market purposes.

Carbon offsets provide a way for large emitters such as cement plants, power generation companies, and other similar companies which produce significant volumes of CO2 equivalent emissions to transition to low emission technologies over time, thus reducing commercial impacts to consumers.  Regulatory penalties for not meeting emission reduction targets creates an incentive for large emitters to invest in new technologies and to purchase carbon offsets to reduce these penalties during the transition period.

ECI is active in the carbon offset industry and works with its customers to help them design and implement robust carbon offset development programs.  The resulting carbon offsets can be used to meet emission reduction targets and or make these available to other companies at market rates.  ECI is ready to work with customers to achieve their emission reduction targets.