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Energy Rebate – Carbon Offset Program
The Energy Rebate – Carbon Offset Program is available to commercial and institutional building owners and operators. ECI works with customers who have completed retrofit projects which have resulted in reductions in energy use. Retrofits include replacement of lighting or heating/cooling systems with more efficient technologies and changes in practice which result in lower energy use. ECI provides a rebate based on the type and amount of energy reduced. Contact us for a free preliminary assessment to see if you qualify for our Energy Rebate – Carbon Offset Program.
Biomass – Alternative Energy & Carbon Offset Programs
ECI develops customized biomass projects that result in viable alternative energy production while also integrating carbon offset solutions which benefit the environment. Biomass can be converted into heat and electricity which can be used in a variety of ways while reducing reliance on carbon-based fuels. Biomass offers a very positive environmental solution which is sustainable and can provide economic benefits along the way. Find out how ECI can design a biomass system and solution for your specific needs.
Consulting Services
The carbon offset market is relatively new and these are affected by new environmental regulatory requirements. ECI can assist organizations with better understanding what the carbon offset market is about and how customized programs may be able to be developed to meet regulatory conditions. Also, new protocols are being developed and which may offer an opportunity for your organization to capitalize on its application whether directly in your organization or affiliated companies. Contact us to find out more about what kinds of consulting services we may be able to help you with – we’re only an email or phone call away!
Research & Development
Emission reductions related to GHGs is receiving a lot of attention as it relates to potential technological solutions. ECI works with researchers and developers to come up with viable solutions for reducing emissions. ECI monitors technologies which have the potential to facilitate carbon sequestration and may be able to be scaled up for broad application. ECI assesses the potential for commercialization and facilitates this process whenever possible. If you are a researcher or a project developer, contact our offices to learn more about how we can help.
Training & Education
As an emerging industry, environmental compliance related to emission reductions is relatively new. There is some confusion about climate change and and the implications of increased amounts of GHGs in our atmosphere. At the same time, great strides have been made to put in place some of the regulatory mechanisms which will allow for governments and non-governmental organizations and the private sector to address climate change and GHGs. ECI is available to help its customers better understand the nature of the industry and what developments may impact an organization’s current and future activities. Contact us for more information about our training and education services.