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Andre Mech


Mech and Associates

Andre Mech has been working in the emissions reduction sector since 2001. He was in the first cohort of 20 individuals formally trained and examined to International Standards Organization criteria in the planning, validation and verification of greenhouse gas projects. Andre has written more than 50 Greenhouse Gas Plans and conducted hundreds of investigations for numerous corporations and organizations in the emissions reduction management sector. Andre works closely with formal Greenhouse Gas authorities and has been consulted by corporations, governments and NGOs as they address the issues surrounding the rapidly developing emissions reduction market sector.

Andre Mech has generated hundreds of thousands of tonnes of third party Verified emission reductions. He is involved with numerous emission reduction projects, some in the earlier stages of implementation and others that are fully developed. Andre specializes in under addressed emissions reduction sectors such as the transportation sector and more recently the building sector.

Andre regularly speaks on the closely related subject of financially responsible environmentalism to Government Committees, Conferences, Professional Associations and Schools. Andre Mech holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Royal Military College and a Masters of Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. Andre is named as the inventor or co-inventor on three patents.